rotate shapes

Match the Rotated Patterns

One of the reasons children get frustrated so easily when confronted with a new problem or challenge isn’t as much that it looks difficult, but because they just feel as though they don’t have a method devised to solve it. When an adult sees a new problem they have generally already put in place a system or checklist that they …

find the one that's different

Find the Picture That is Different

An early interest in pattern recognition and problem solving is key to helping a child develop a critical love for learning, but because of the unique strengths and weaknesses of each child, some children may excel with one type of pattern work while some might excel with a different learning approach. Some children are visual learners, some are better when …

complete the sequences

Complete the Sequences

Literally every aspect of what children learn today can benefit from a solid background in pattern recognition. While it is obvious that math, language, music and sports are all heavily based on pattern recognition, there are many other day-to-day activities that can also benefit. While you and I take for granted how different one font can be from another, some …

mirror image worksheet

Complete the Mirror Image Picture

Within the realm of children’s education there is so much of a focus on the core curriculum of math, reading and spelling that we sometimes overlook the skills necessary to actually develop that core. Practice with finding existing patterns at an early age can help a child to develop their own processes for analyzing problems or even develope improved systems …

number lines negative and positive

Number Lines (-12 through 12)

Download and print our blank number line sheets. This one is for the numbers negative 12 through positive 12. Number lines are a great tool for students learning how to add and subtract. Click here for our number line sheet for the numbers 0 through 24.

number lines positive

Number Lines (0 through 24)

Blank number line sheet, ready for print – a great tool for students learning how to add and subtract. These are for the numbers 0 through 24. Click here for our number line sheet for the numbers -12 through 12.

blank graphing paper medium

Blank Graphing Paper (Small, Medium & Large)

Our graphing paper comes in 3 different sizes: small ruled, medium ruled and wide ruled. They can be a great learning tool for all ages. Download which ever sizes suits your needs best. Download Options: Small Ruled Medium Ruled Wide Ruled