Big Book of Math Practice Problems, Fractions and Decimals
Thousands of Fraction and Decimal Practice problems.  Solutions Included.

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Big Book of Math Practice Problems: Fractions and Decimals

Children's Addition and Subtraction Math Book

Big Book of Math Practice Problems Fractions and Decimals: Practice Workbook on Fractions and Decimals with Solutions

Recommended for children Grades 4-6.

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Select Samples From the Book

Equivalent Fractions worksheet

fractions workbook - mixed numbers to improper fractions

fractions workbook - improper fractions to mixed numbers

comparing fractions worksheet

adding fractions and subtracting fractions - workbook

multiplying fractions and dividing fractions worksheet

converting fractions and decimals worksheet

decimals workbook - multiplication with .1 .01 and .001
workbook - decimal multiplication with 10, 100, 1000
decimal addition and decimal subtraction page from workbook
decimal multiplication with 1 digit and 2 digit numbers
2-digit multiplication and 3-digit multiplication with decimals
dcimal division with 3-digit numbers workbook
decimal division with decimal divisors worksheet from book
rounding decimals - whole number, tenths and hundreths worksheet from book
decimals and percentages page from book