Big Book of Math Practice Problems, Fractions and Decimals
Thousands of Fraction and Decimal Practice problems.  Solutions Included.

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Big Book of Math Practice Problems: Fractions and Decimals

Children's Addition and Subtraction Math Book

Big Book of Math Practice Problems Fractions and Decimals: Practice Workbook on Fractions and Decimals with Solutions

Unlock your child’s potential with our math workbook that is designed to help them excel in fractions and decimals. Our workbook contains over 3,500 math problems that are arranged in a progressive order, starting with fractions and moving on to decimals, with a final section on percentages. The types of problems include simplifying and comparing fractions, fraction arithmetic, converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, converting fractions and decimals, decimal arithmetic, rounding decimals, percent and more. Solutions are included to help your child check their work and learn from their mistakes. Our workbook is recommended for Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 students.

This workbook is designed to build a strong foundation for independent learning. The carefully arranged problems and chapters are designed to empower young minds to progress with confidence. The clutter-free learning spaces provide ample room for problem solving practice.

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Select Samples From the Book

Equivalent Fractions worksheet

fractions workbook - mixed numbers to improper fractions

fractions workbook - improper fractions to mixed numbers

comparing fractions worksheet

adding fractions and subtracting fractions - workbook

multiplying fractions and dividing fractions worksheet

converting fractions and decimals worksheet

decimals workbook - multiplication with .1 .01 and .001
workbook - decimal multiplication with 10, 100, 1000
decimal addition and decimal subtraction page from workbook
decimal multiplication with 1 digit and 2 digit numbers
2-digit multiplication and 3-digit multiplication with decimals
dcimal division with 3-digit numbers workbook
decimal division with decimal divisors worksheet from book
rounding decimals - whole number, tenths and hundreths worksheet from book
decimals and percentages page from book