Frequently Asked Questions

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  • May I download and print out the free worksheets available on your site?

    Yes! You may download or print the free materials available on this website for educational purposes in the classroom, at home or other educational environment provided they are not altered (see below).

  • May I link to your worksheets or share them with friends?

    Sure! You may link to documents and pages within this website from other external websites or share their location on social media sites provided you are doing so for non-profit and non-commercial purposes.

  • I have a website or server where I upload educational resources, can I post your worksheets there?

    No, sorry. You may not upload our documents or content to servers outside of our webspace or make our content available for use (or download) on any other servers or websites, but feel free to link to them on our site and share them on social media!

  • May I alter your documents for redistribution elsewhere?

    No, sorry. You may not remove branding or linking from any of our resources or documents or alter them for redistribution online or elsewhere.

  • How does this site make money without any advertisers or fees for its resources?

    This project is funded by the sale of our books. If you find our material valuable, please consider purchasing our books for your own children or sharing them with your friends!