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Homeschool Worksheets and Books publishes homeschool workbooks and children's educational books that are designed to help students progress from easier to more challenging content by providing plenty of practice pages with increasing difficulty in small increments. We use clean, distraction-free formatting with ample space for writing and problem solving.

We also offer hundreds of printable worksheets and teaching aids throughout this site and allow full access without the need for membership!

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    Color by numbers free printable PDF. Reveal the picture by coloring the numbered areas with the matching color. Color by numbers are a valuable exercise, not only because they are fun, but because ...

    This worksheet has a few statistics terms defined at the top. Following that is a data set and a graph to fill out using the data given. Below that are questions about the data which use the...

    The worksheet has statistics terms defined at the top for reference. Below that is a set of data values. Using these values, the student is asked to complete the graph. Following the graphs are...

    Venn diagrams are a great exercise in learning how sets of numbers are related and how they differ. It also helps in data interpretation. For more explanation of what a Venn diagram is and to see...

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