Children's Educational Workbooks

K-5 kid's workbooks and books ranging in topic from Pattern Recognition & Puzzles to Kindergarten Math.
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At ClayMaze we really feel that a workbook needs to be more than just a collection of problems and answers. Our carefully arranged lessons and chapters build a strong foundation for independent learning, with each topic and page appropriately leading to the next, empowering young minds to progress with confidence. Our workbooks offer clutter-free learning spaces that provide ample room for problem solving.
Homeschooling Book - Addition and Subtraction
Pre-Algebra Skill Building Workbook

Each section in this workbook includes detailed explanations and step by step examples covering each topic followed by practice worksheets.

Homeschooling Book - Multiplication and Division
Big Book of Math Practice Problems: Multiplication and Division

Worksheets Full of Practice Drills / Facts and Exercises on Multiplying and Dividing. Children Grades 3-5

Homeschooling Book - Addition and Subtraction
Big Book of Math Practice Problems: Addition and Subtraction

Single Digit Facts / Drills, Double Digits, Triple Digits, Arithmetic With & Without Regrouping, Grades 1-3

Homeschooling Book - Fractions and Decimals
Big Book of Math Practice Problems: Fractions and Decimals

Fractions and Decimals Workbook Loaded with Practice Worksheets & Problems. Recommended for Grades 4-6

Homeschooling Book - Stem Book, Science Sight Words
Trace, Write, Draw and Learn Science Words Practice Pages Workbook

Writing Practice Workbook with a Focus on Science Words & Concepts. Recommended for children Grades K-2.

Homeschooling Book - Learn the Addition & Subtraction Facts
Learn the Addition and Subtraction Facts: Math Facts in Progression

Math Facts in Progression from Addition to Subtraction and from Lower Numbers to Higher Numbers

Homeschooling Book - Timed Multiplication Drills
Learn the Times Tables with Math Drills for the Multiplication Facts - Numbers 0-12

Help your child master the multiplication facts a little bit each day with timed tests. All solutions included.

Homeschooling Book - Big Book of Sight Words
Big Book of Sight Words Practice Pages with Nouns - Learning & Writing High-Frequency Words

A Workbook Designed to Help Kids Learn and Write High-Frequency Words with Tracing, Writing, Coloring and Drawing Activities.

Homeschooling Book - Trace and Write Handwriting Practice Workbook
Trace & Write Letters and Numbers Handwriting Practice Workbook

Trace and write letters and numbers practice pages - also includes sight words, simple sentences, picture tracing and drawing.

Homeschooling Book - The Forgotten Milestone
The Forgotten Milestone

A Children's Coloring & Activity Book for Pattern Recognition, an Essential Component of Childhood Development. (Ages 5-10)

Homeschooling Book - Mastering the Math Milestone
Mastering the Math Milestone

Counting & Comparing, Addition & Subtraction, 2D & 3D Shapes, Angles, Tallying, Charts and more. (Kindergarten+)

Homeschooling Book - Learning Through Puzzles
Learning Through Puzzles

A Children's Activity Book with a Problem Solving Twist - Featuring Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches & Word Scrambles. (Ages 5-10)



Homeschooling Book - Timed Addition and Subtraction Drills
Timed Addition and Subtraction Drills Workbook

Timed Addition and Subtraction Drills – All Solutions Included. Help your child master the addition and subtraction facts a little bit each day. Recommended for children Grades 1-2.