geometry triangles missing angle worksheet

Geometry: Find the Missing Angle in the Triangle (Set 1)

This worksheet is for finding a missing angle in a triangle and is based on the student knowing that there are 180 degrees in a triangle. It also assumes the student knows the different types of triangles: right, isosceles, equilateral and scalene.

geometry perimeter

Geometry: Find the Perimeter (Set 2)

Use this free worksheet for practice finding perimeters. The student is asked to find the perimeter of each of the shapes given. This worksheet features a rhombus, a hexagon, a trapezoid, a parallelogram, a kite and a triangle. The dimensions are listed with units in each of the figures. Make sure the student includes the units in their answers.

geometry perimeter

Geometry: Find the Perimeter (Set 1)

Download this geometry worksheet on perimeters. Have the student find the perimeters of each of the shapes shown. This sheet features a rectangle, a square, a triangle, an octagon, a cross and a parallelogram. The dimensions are displayed in the figures with units. Remind the student to include the units in their answers.

shapes rectangles and squares

Shapes and Dimensions: Rectangles and Squares

This worksheet is from the “Mastering the Math Milestone” book from the chapter on shapes and dimensions. This worksheet is practice in understanding the relationship between width and height. It also tests the child’s skill in size comparison.

geometry hexagon worksheet

Geomety: 2D Shapes – Count the Sides (Hexagon)

This shapes worksheet is from the book, “Mastering the Math Milestone“. This worksheet has the child count sides and vertices, write that number and then trace and write the shape’s name.