Printable Reusable Tangram Puzzle

The worksheet below is one of the sample selections from our children’s educational book “The Forgotten Milestone“.  Children Ages 4-10.

Assembling patterns, animal and human forms from Tangrams is a great way to exercise your pattern recognition skill.  There is a whole chapter in our book with many other animal and human forms to replicate using the Tangram above.

The image below is a small sample of the types of fun exercises available using these types of puzzles.

It is just as important for a child to know why they are working with patterns as it is for them to practice. While having them walk through an exercise, try presenting the problem in a slightly different way to see if they can solve it on their own or move on to other similar problems. Once they are familiar with that type of exercise, try having them create a new problem similar to the ones they are working with and then walk through the solution from your perspective. This back and forth can help them to understand the purpose behind solving the problems and help them learn to develop their own problem solving strategies by seeing how you approach the same challenge.

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