The Forgotten Milestone
A Coloring & Activity Book on Pattern Recognition

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Thanks so much for purchasing our book! If you know someone that might like the book please tell them about us!  We’ve included a printable copy of the Tangram below as well as some select re-printable samples from within the book.

While the solutions are in the back of the book we’ve also produced a full color HD video viewable to the right that can be watched full screen for finer detail.

Please use our contact form for any questions or comments about the book.  We enjoy your feedback!

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Select Reprintable Samples From the Book

Additional Free Printable Children’s Worksheets

The Forgotten Milestone

Coloring and Activities for Pattern Recognition, an Essential yet Overlooked Component of Childhood Development

Recommended for children ages 3 to 10.

 A Child’s world is full of patterns, from the letters and numbers of our language to the stripes of a snake in our garden and learning to discern the opportunities of life from the potential threats is one of our most important, yet overlooked, developmental milestones.

It has been said that this Pattern Recognition, of all our cognitive processes, has the highest correlation with General Intelligence. That means that the more experience a child has with Pattern Recognition the better they are able to adapt to challenges in Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Sports or whatever else life throws at them.

Whether our children aspire to become Doctors, Financial Analysts, Artists or Athletes, advancing in those fields is really just a race to find the right patterns. This is why an early start with Pattern Recognition is critical to childhood development, yet it is too often ignored in traditional education – and that is why we wrote this book.