intro programming control robot

Introduction to Programming: Control the Robot – 1

STEM learning, or learning and preparation for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has become a pervasive trend in today’s educational circles.

With STEM occupations growing at a rate far exceeding non-stem occupations it is only logical that we do our best to prepare our children for the fast-paced, data-driven world that lies ahead.

With Robot’s expected to replace humans in many facets of the workforce, it only makes sense that job security would be found in careers that relate to their building an programming. By re-framing traditional early learning exercises into formats that are more representative of an activity in technology or programming, we are able to expose children to their core curriculum and introduce them to STEM concepts at the same time. It’s a two-fer!

This is part of a series of 4 worksheets with the goal of introducing children to the very basic approach of programming and familiarizing them with the sometimes repetitive nature that can exist in even a basic computer program.

There are 2 versions with a focus on writing the code for a robot: Controlling the Robot 1,   Controlling the Robot 2

And another 2 versions with translating the code into the path that your robot will follow: Plotting the Robot’s Path 1,   Plotting the Robots Path 2

Download Printable PDF Solution located here.